Friday, 7 August 2015

State of the Desk: Dark Mechanicus

Desk in Progress. Update on the random stuff going on...
Here I have some easy Scyllax Guardian Automata that I’ve knocked together with a good friend Den’s cast-offs from the new Mechanicus Kataphron sprues, these can also be used as Servitors/ Servo-Automata as needed.

Nice and fun times had with the tentacle maker and various leftover mechanicus bits, the body of each of these is simply a truncated Kataphron arm with the chestpiece on the back. The skulls were scavenged from various Chaos vehicle parts and standards. Ready to be used.

Also, some generic floating servo skulls, predominantly made to act as Cyber Occularis, but can be Servo skulls were I ever to want some.

Then over here in the flesh corner we have some gribbly spawn that I committed to getting finished this month, along with their big brother too.

*Fun fact!* Because it has been converted from a commercial mattell/tomy toy, the paint does not adhere well to the giant spawn skin!
As well as this here are some of the ridiculously detailed Infinity nomad troopers that I've committed to getting painted for the wife, ready to be sprayed.

Finally, to track the stuff I've got to work on/convert, I've built a handy little calculator. 

DM me and I can send you the link/doc (although the calculations are hardly rocket science)

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  1. Those tentacles really complete those models. Man I have got to start using my maker!