Thursday, 16 August 2018

Necromunda Chaos Cultists conversions

I fundamentally cannot paint and play armies for good. Dark Mechanicus, Traitor Sons of Horus, Sons of Sek. Crazy Goliaths are the closest to 'good'. So I figured I'd go for some Cultists to even it out!

These boys are rolling up in your sump, right now.

My very first conversion was my leader, my figurehead that I wanted to get looking suitably freaky. 
Bring on the horses head! Loved making this guy, couldn't count the number of actual parts but wasn't too high for me. 

Originally the flensing claw looked appealing, but then the flail won out. Much better in game and loads better looking.
This guys base was the awesome genestealer cult models with a horses skull (green stuff to follow). Flensing claw from the Cult leader from within the Dark Vengeance kit. Autogun from spares.
Axe was an old conversion for some of the Sons of Sek.
Custom autogun trimmed and scalpelled to death, mag and grip from the 'small details' box..
Second, relaxed pose champion 1. Re positioned and amended.
Third, female champion with shotty, head from Daemonettes, arms from Guardsmen, and associated shotgun from the genestealer box.

Within the Cultists roster there weren't many options, but there were a lot of options for modelling as the theme is so open. 
Once I get to the trading post I'll get open access to a bunch of guns.
To start with, I wanted to crack on with some basic cultists, and I would likely enhance armour first, and maybe add some more guys with crazier weapons.
 Dome runner proxy as well below.
 Rogue doc proxy as well.

Chopped a couple of heads off, swapped them around. Painting to be the focus to look distinctive.

Further to this, I wanted to get some use out of those old cultists that I hadn't used for some time and so used the Genestealer Cult guys sparingly as a base.

When painting these guys up, I tried to be a bit more 'Blanchitsu'. I even had the White Dwarf article open next to me for some bits!
So these did get sprayed with Abaddon black and Corax white as an attempt to get zenithal natural highlights but in reality with the thickness of paint I probably applied the results didn't shine through. 
Main focus here was to have a diverse colour palette. Focus were muted earthy colours, and then the spot colour of the bright blue/green across them to unify them all. 

Spent an inordinate amount of time blending down the colour of the Demagogue's helm/head to make sure the aged look of such a relic would be seen. The likelihood being that no-one would know what it was!

(Shows up better in real-life). 

More to follow and even some tactics!

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