Saturday, 18 August 2018

Necromunda configurable boards

Mixed up Mortalis and Necromunda.

Combine them people, combine them now! So I’ve been able to play a few games on this terrain and its getting better each time.

One of the key things I wanted was to look across the board and see a unified colour scheme, with a few standout pieces of a different colour such as large tanks, the crane gear as well I wanted a decent centrepiece with which to hide behind from the big heavy weapons.

The Sector Mechanicus stuff really comes into its own in that regard. Being able to confidently stack the buildings high, with a fair amount of terrain around them has really helpful, and certainly helps for ‘Claim the Spire’.

As well as this, the sheer amount of scatter terrain means you’ll always be fighting over something different. Personally, I’d have liked to have more of everything, so that I could start having games in a warehouse type-environment. You’d have all the barrels in the Flammables section, the crates over here, the mining stuff over there. Would make it really characterful.

I’ve also discovered that I am a bit of a purist when setting this stuff out. I really do prefer doing it all myself, so that I can get the theme the way I want it in my head. This is not good nor friendly to tell someone ‘just let me do it’. Its like telling someone not to touch your toys. ‘You can look at it but I’m putting it together’.

Games I want to play on it.

‘Claim the Spire’
I’d use a load of the Mechanicus stuff right in the centre only, over a load of the mortalis sections. I’d probably not even bother with any side terrain and just a single central peak. Climb that you slow ass-Goliaths (4inch movement isn’t good)

‘Shoot out’
This would be a fairly easy one to put together as it would simply be a case of setting a couple of tiles and clearing a corridor in the middle. Goliaths would do well, Cultists not so much!

‘Caravan heist’.
Bring on the hauler, some clear space, and a load of containers dragged along. Loads of high terrain nearby for people to try and jump from, fun times.

This is also pretty good for mixing the Necromunda scatter stuff with other terrain.

Looking forward to varying this stuff up a fair bit. Game pics to follow.