Wednesday 13 May 2020

Catch-up-alanche! Necromunda Shrooms?

Well the Underhive is bleak and full of danger, so a little colourful fungus cant hurt surely?
Maybe not...
I'd been staring at a block of Black Epoxy resin which I'd initially bought when looking at bulk options for sculpting, and realised I'd never get round to using it for its purpose. 
So with some time on my hands I made a few different mushroom shapes. 
Started with some nice button ones, nothing weird there. Blood blots lets call them. (Simple tube of resin, and then an indent made into a ball with a rounded tool 

Then some spikey bits, Dead Cones sounds good. 

Some wide Frog inspired ones too, Spotcap Forest. (Remember to really define the edges of the mushrooms and align them up to the sky/roof, look at real pictures to get a good effect)

Finally, some rusty ones. Rust fungus. Sure. 

Nice couple of coats of Ardcoat' over these to give a glossy look too.
Tried sculpting these as quick and dirty as I could, as I mixed the entire batch of resin, and had a lot curing quickly. But in reality, the finger marks etc seem to work quite well, and the squished natural shapes will do fine. 

Specifically bought some grass for this, and tried to make the colours of the rust and blood marry up. I would like to spend a bit more time harmonising the colours with the rest of the terrain, so will do some more of these and then do a load more.

Mixed these with some existing scenery for some longevity as these are fairly fragile too.

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