Friday, 16 February 2018

DIY Necromunda Mortalis floor tiles

So I made some tiles. Some pitted Mortalis tiles.  I'd wanted to expand my board, but not my debt, so I chose to use some of the out of the box Necromunda tiles into some filler ones for the battlefield.
With some Polyfilla and a bit of PVA mix and a press mould, I made some more flat surfaces for my terrain to sit on.

Those tiles seem to have come together nicely, and they were a simple space saving mechanism.
Although these were slightly different to the stock Mortalis tiles I normally use, they at least conveyed a continuance of the board, and also are fairly easily transportable.
Along with some unpainted bits.
Pressed (didn't use a great release mechanism)
This is the silicon mould that a friend made for me. 
Little bit of scratching to help the Polyfilla adhere.

All in all, a useful expansion to Mortalis! Will try and do this again soon, with a little better mixing and composition of the material to get a better finish.

Next up, new buildings!


  1. Keep up the good work. Its inspjring to us all.

  2. Excellent work! Love the way the board is looking so far - I think the tiles which didn't release properly look great! It's Necromunda - everything is supposed to look dilapidated! :)

    1. Damn right! I've found the contrast between old and new sections can look great too.