Friday, 8 May 2020

Catch-up-alanche! Necromunda Water guild + Scum + Gryph-hound Phyrr Cat

Spent some time bashing some underhive denizens together to help pad out my crew.

These were using up of leftovers (and one very intentional sculpt for the Nautician) and were a nice break between some painting.  

Intent was to get these painted so they'd show up nice and clearly as a distinctive group when working alongside everyone else. 

The leader was very much a 'now I'm bored and want to try what paint schemes might work'. I don't massively think it did to be honest, but working with it now.

As well as these, I painted some Scum over a couple of nights with a combination of contrast and normal paints.

 I picked up the Necromunda Underhive Scum pack as it was (for Forgeworld) a pretty good deal at £20 for three models. Really lovely sculpts and really fun models. 

I still am not an expert at painting tiny female faces so was happy with these results!

The Gryph hound I wanted as I got tired of waiting for FW to put out some Phyrr cat models, and the Gryph hound look matched with the more noble look my Escher were going for. 

Loads of drybrushing for speed, but came out nicely.

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