Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Catch-up-alanche! Multicolour Necromunda boards

So these were something I spotted online and realised I needed to try it, and found the process so simple I had to commit. You're best doing with the GW plastic tiles to represent the same process but anything works!

These turned out far prettier than I had thought they would, adding some real vibrancy to the board I haven't gone over these again to tone them back, but I may still do that in the future.

The process was as follows.

  • Splurge colour.

  • Spray and diffuse. (empty clean dettol bottle and lots of water) LOOOOOOTS of water....
  • Blow and tip, mix the colours slightly.
  • Leave to dry. That's it

So one thing I was lacking was some rust, some decent chemical spills, and black oils etc. But that is coming later when some other projects are a bit more finished.

So here is the test panel in line with the larger board, with some snaps for the stages. and the finished product.

Obviously by itself it looked a little out of

And when all dried and done?

Like I said, three things to add, sump chemicals, oil runoff, maybe more rust.

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